Next Event: August 20st to 24th, 2024‚Äč

Prize Money

ProAm Bronze/Silver Closed & Open Scholarships, Pro/Am & Senior Scholarships, Junior & Youth.

1st-$300 2nd-$200 3rd-$100 4th-$50 5th-$50 6th-$50

Professional Basics & Professional Rising Star Divisions:

1st-$500 2nd-$400 3rd-$300 4th-$200 5th-$150 6th-$100

Professional Cabaret & Professional Open Divisions:

1st-$1000 2nd-$700 3rd-$500 4th-$400 5th-$300 6th-$200

Top Teacher:

1st-$5000 2nd-$4000 3rd-$3000 4th-$2000 5th-$1000 6th-$900

Attention: Reminder: Must be on a package; 100 entry minimum

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