Schedule of Events 2017


Session 1 Wednesday Evening, August 23, 2017

3:30PM American Rhythm Single Dances – Bronze levels
3:30PM Heat 1 – Heat 200
9:35PM Closed Bronze DanceSport Series American Rhythm
9:45PM Closed & Open Bronze Championship American Rhythm
10:05PM Bronze Charity American Rhythm Dance
10:10PM Best of the Best American 6-Dance Bronze – Rhythm
10:55PM End of Session

Session 2-Thursday Daytime August 24, 2017

7:30AM American Rhythm Single Dances – Silver and above levels
7:30AM Heat 216 – Heat 338
11:10AM Closed & Open Silver Championship American Rhythm
11:50AM Closed Silver & Open DanceSport Series American Rhythm
12:00PM Silver Charity American Rhythm Dance
12:05PM Rising Star Championship American Rhythm
12:15PM Senior 4 Scholarship American Rhythm
12:20PM American 9 Dance Championship – Rhythm
12:55PM Best of the Best American 6-Dance Silver – Rhythm
1:00PM Senior 3 Scholarship American Rhythm
2:25PM Solo Exhibitions
2:55PM American Smooth Single Dances – Bronze levels
2:55PM Heat 360 – Heat 460
6:10PM End of Session

Session 3-Thursday Evening August 24, 2017

7:30PM Bronze Charity American Smooth Dance
7:35PM Closed & Open Bronze Championship American Smooth
7:55PM Closed Bronze DanceSport Series American Smooth
8:165PM Best of the Best American 6-Dance Bronze – Smooth
8:25PM Closed Bronze Scholarship American Smooth Best of the Best Qualifier
8:40PM Professional Rising Star International Ballroom
9:40PM Professional Compulsory Theater Arts
9:45PM Professional Rising Star International Latin
9:55M Professional Basics American Smooth
10:05PM Professional Basics Rhythm
10:35PM End of Session

Session 4-Friday Daytime August 25, 2017

7:30AM American Smooth Single Dances – Silver level and above
7:30AM Heat 477 – Heat 602
10:55AM Closed & Open Silver Championship American Smooth
11:30AM Best of the Best American 6-Dance Silver – Smooth
11:35AM Closed Silver DanceSport Series American Smooth
11:45AM Closed Silver Scholarship American Smooth Best of the Best Qualifier
12:50PM Charity American Smooth Dance
12:55PM Rising Star Championship American Smooth
12:55PM Senior 3 Championship American Smooth
1:05PM Senior 3 Scholarship American Smooth
1:10PM Gentlemen Open Scholarship American Smooth
1:20PM Senior 4 Scholarship American Smooth
1:40PM Open Gold Championship American Smooth
2:10PM American 9 Dance Championship – Smooth
2:15PM Open DanceSport Series American Smooth
2:40PM Open Scholarship American Smooth
3:55PM International Latin Single Dances
3:55PM Heat 632 – Heat 746
6:50PM End of Session

Session 5-Friday Evening August 25, 2017

7:30PM Bronze & Silver Championship International Latin
7:50PM Amateur International Latin Open Championship
7:55PM Senior 3 Championship International Latin
8:07PM DanceSport Series International Latin
8:15PM Pro/Am Rising Star International Latin
8:20PM Senior 3 Scholarship International Latin
8:30PM Senior 4 Scholarship International Latin
8:35PM International 10 Dance Championship – Latin
8:45PM Open Gold Championship International Latin
8:55PM Professional Rising Star American Smooth
9:20PM Scholarship International Latin Best of the Best Qualifier
10:25PM Professional Rising Star American Rhythm
11:15PM Professional Showdance
11:55PM End of Session

Session 6-Saturday Daytime August 26, 2017

7:30AM International Ballroom Single Dances – Bronze levels
7:30AM Heat 775 – Heat 834
9:15AM Closed & Open Bronze Championship International Ballroom
9:15AM Best of the Best International 6-Dance Bronze – Ballroom
9:20AM Closed Bronze DanceSport Series International Ballroom
9:35AM Closed Bronze Scholarship International Ballroom Best of the Best Qualifier
10:10AM International Ballroom Single Dances – Silver levels
10:10AM Heat 844 – Heat 909
12:10PM Silver Championship International Ballroom
12:20PM Best of the Best International 6-Dance Silver – Ballroom
12:25PM Silver Scholarship International Ballroom Best of the Best Qualifier
1:20PM International Ballroom Single Dances – Gold levels
1:20PM Heat 919 – Heat 958
2:50PM Senior 3 Championship International Ballroom
2:55PM Silver & Open DanceSport Series International Ballroom
3:15PM Rising Star International Ballroom
3:20PM Senior 3 Scholarship International Ballroom
3:30PM Gentlemen Scholarship International Ballroom
3:30PM Open Gold Charity International Ballroom Dance
3:40PM Senior 4 Scholarship International Ballroom
3:50PM International 10 Dance Championship – Ballroom
4:00PM Open Gold Championship International Ballroom
4:25PM Open Amateur International Ballroom Pre-Champ & Championship
4:35PM Closed Gold & Open Scholarship International Ballroom Best of the Best Qualifier
4:50PM Open Scholarship International Ballroom
6:00PM End of Session

Session 7-Saturday Evening August 26, 2017

7:30PM Open Ceremony
7:40PM Professional Open American Rhythm
8:00PM Professional Open International Ballroom
9:35PM Professional Open American Smooth
9:50PM Professional Open International Latin
11:20PM End of Session



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After many lengthy discussions with the Hilton hotel and the Capital Dancesport Team  Marianne and I have made the difficult decision to postpone the Capital Dancesport Championships for this year.

The quarantine regulations within the three states surrounding our venue remain unsteady, along with the current operating status of the hotel. Our primary concern throughout this process has been the health and safety of every individual involved in our competition.

We hope you understand what a heart-breaking decision this has been for us. Although extremely disappointed, your Capital Dancesport Team is already planning for next year and we very much look forward to bringing you a spectacular event in 2021.   

John & Marianne