Going Green: Get the DanceComp Mobile App!

We’re going Green! In a effort to diminish paper waste, Capital Dancesport Championships will use the DanceComp Mobile App services to provide its competitors with the most up-to-date information, including but not limited: Full Schedule, latest Heatlists, Results, Vendors Information, Judges list, and Notifications.


You can download the DanceComp Mobile App for FREE on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Download on Apple Devices   Download on Android Devices


The Partnering Competitions

Tap on the event of your choice among the list of upcoming competitions. You’ll find the relevant information by taping the Capital Dancesport Championship Icon.

The Options

You are presented with a vast choice of features:

  • General Information: Find out where the Hotel is, get direction and get access to the website.
  • Latest News: the latest announcements also found on our website.
  • Schedule: A general overview of what’s happening during the day.

    1 – Swipe the black tabs to the right or left to navigate between sessions. It should open on the Session of the Day.
  • Heatlists: Where DanceComp is making Dancesport Brilliant!

    1- Live heat counter no matter where you are, you can see what heat is currently dancing on the floor.
    NEW : Tap on the HEAT to load the list of the couples and their number in that specific heat.
    2 – the + sign Tap on it to open up more info on the couple.
    3 – Navigation – Use the arrows to navigate through the heatlists pages. << will bring you to the first page.  < > to the previous or next page.  >> to the very last page.
    4 – The Search Filter – Tap on the floating icon.

    You can now filter the heatlists to find the specific info you need. Get all the heats of a particular session, the heats of a specific couple with either their name or number or even all the heats from a specific dance studio.
  • Judges: Name and Pictures of all the Judges attending the Competition
  • Results:

    1 – Quick search.  Enter your name to see all your placements
    2 – Search Filter.  Just like the Heatlists you can access our powerful search filter to display the results of your choice.
    3 – The Scoresheets ! Simply type this button to be taken to the scoresheets page.
  • Vendors: Name and advertisement of all the Vendors attending the Event.
  • Review the Event: Give us a honest Review. You can remain anonymous or enter for a chance to win a Swarovski prize.
  • Private Message: Message your fellow dancers and friends, or even get in touch directly with the DanceComp staff or the Organizer.

Don’t hesitate to contact the DanceComp Staff via the app, or their Chat function on their Website, of via email: info@dancecomp.org. They will also be at the Capital Dancesport Championships to assist you should you have any question.


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