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Schedule of Events 2014

Session 1 Wednesday Evening, August 20, 2014

American Rhythm Single Dances – Bronze levels 

4:00PM Heat 1 – Heat 42
5:10PM Heat 43 – Heat 72
6:05PM Heat 73 – Heat 111
7:20PM Heat 112 – Heat 156
8:40PM Closed Bronze Championship American Rhythm
9:05PM Best of the Best 6-Dance Bronze American Rhythm
9:10PM Open Bronze Championship American Rhythm
9:30PM Closed Bronze Scholarship American Rhythm
9:50PM Bronze DanceSport Series American Rhythm
10:30PM End of Session

Session 2-Thursday Daytime, August 21, 2014

American Rhythm Single Dances – Silver & above levels 8:30AM Heat 166 – Heat 205 9:35AM Heat 206 – Heat 249 10:45AM Night Club 3 dance Championship 10:55AM Closed Silver Championship American Rhythm 11:00AM Senior 3 Championship American Rhythm 11:10AM Rising Star Championship American Rhythm 11:10AM Silver DanceSport Series American Rhythm 11:25AM Best of the Best Closed Silver 6-dance Championship-Rhythm 11:25pen Silver Championship American Rhythm 11:35AM Closed Silver Scholarship American Rhythm Best of the Best Qualifier 11:40AM Closed Gold Scholarship American Rhythm Best of the Best Qualifier 12:25PM Open Gold Championship American Rhythm 12:30PM Open 9 dance Championship-Rhythm 12:40PM Senior 4 Scholarship American Rhythm 12:50PM Open DanceSport Series American Rhythm 1:05PM Open Scholarship American Rhythm 1:50PM Solo Exhibitions American Smooth Single Dances – Bronze levels 2:15PM Heat 267 – Heat 287 3:20PM Heat 297 – Heat 338 4:55PM Pro/Am Closed Bronze American Smooth Championships 5:25PM Best of the Best Closed Bronze 6-dance Championship-Smooth 5:45PM Pro/Am Open Bronze American Smooth Championships 5:45PM Bronze DanceSport Series American Smooth 6:20PM End of Session

Session 3-Thursday Evening, Thursday August 21, 2014

8:00PM Pro/Am Closed Bronze American Smooth Scholarships 9:10PM Professional Rising Star International Ballroom 09:20PM Professional Basics American Smooth 09:30PM Professional Compulsory Theater Arts 10:00PM Professional Rising Star International Latin 10:20PM Professional Basics Rhythm 10:55PM End of Session

Session 4-Friday Daytime, Friday August 22, 2014

American Smooth Single Dances – Silver & above levels 8:00AM Heat 349 – Heat 392 9:10AM Heat 393 – Heat 448 11:00AM Closed Silver Championship American Smooth 11:35AM Open Silver Championship American Smooth 11:35AM Silver DanceSport Series American Smooth 11:50AM Senior 3 Championship American Smooth 12:00PM Closed Silver Scholarship American Smooth Best of the Best Qualifier 12:30PM Rising Star Championship American Smooth 12:35PM Best of the Best Closed Silver 6-dance Championship-Smooth 12:35PM Amateur American Smooth Two Dance 1:05PM Senior 4 Scholarship American Smooth 1:20PM Closed Gold Scholarship American Smooth Best of the Best Qualifier 1:20PM Open Gold Championship American Smooth 1:35PM Open 9 dance Championship-Smooth 1:55PM Open DanceSport Series American Smooth 2:35PM Open Scholarship American Smooth 3:10PM Amateur Open Smooth Championship 3:40PM End of Session

Session 5-Friday Evening, Friday August 22, 2014

International Latin Single Dances 4:30PM Heat 476 – Heat 510 5:30PM Heat 511 – Heat 545 6:30PM Closed Bronze Championship International Latin 6:40PM Best of the Best Closed Bronze 6-dance Championship-Latin 6:40PM Senior 3 Championship International Latin 6:45PM Bronze DanceSport Series International Latin 6:45PM Amateur International Latin 3-dance J2 & YA 6:55PM Closed Bronze Scholarship International Latin 7:05PM Open Bronze Scholarship International Latin 7:15PM Closed Silver Championship International Latin 7:30PM Amateur Global International Latin 7:40PM Open Silver Championship International Latin 7:40PM Best of the Best Closed Silver 6-dance Championship-Latin 7:40PM Amateur International Latin 4-dance J2 & YA 7:50PM Closed Silver Scholarship International Latin 8:00PM Amateur International Latin 5-dance J2 & YA 8:15PM Professional Rising Star American Rhythm 9:15PM Silver DanceSport Series International Latin 9:15PM Open Gold Championship International Latin 9:40PM Senior 4 Scholarship International Latin 10:00PM Professional Rising Star American Smooth 10:15PM Closed Gold Scholarship International Latin 10:25PM Open DanceSport Series International Latin 10:25PM Novice Amateur International Latin 10:40PM Pre-Champ Amateur International Latin 11:00PM Open Scholarship International Latin 11:30PM Open 10 dance Championship-Latin 11:35PM Amateur Champion International Ballroom – A 11:45PM Professional Theater Arts/Showdance 12:20AM End of Session

Session 6-Saturday Daytime, Saturday August 23, 2014

International Ballroom Single Dances 7:00AM Heat 578 – Heat 607 7:50AM Heat 608 – Heat 641 8:50AM Heat 642 – Heat 676 9:50AM Heat 677 – Heat 711 10:50AM Heat 712 – Heat 735 12:00PM Closed Bronze Championship International Ballroom 12:10PM Rising Star International Ballroom 12:10PM Best of the Best Closed Bronze 6-dance Championship-Ballroom 12:25PM Closed Silver Championship International Ballroom 12:55PM Closed Bronze Scholarship International Ballroom Best of the Best Qualifier 1:10PM Best of the Best Closed Silver 6-dance Championship-Ballroom 1:20PM Senior 3 Championship International Ballroom 1:25PM Open Bronze Championship International Ballroom 1:25PM Bronze DanceSport Series International Ballroom 1:35PM Open Silver Championship International Ballroom 1:55PM Silver DanceSport Series International Ballroom 2:30PM Closed Silver Scholarship International Ballroom Best of the Best Qualifier 2:50PM Open DanceSport Series International Ballroom 3:55PM Senior 4 Scholarship International Ballroom 4:15PM Open Gold Championship International Ballroom 4:40PM Closed Gold International Ballroom Scholarship 4:40PM Open 10 dance Championship-Ballroom 4:50PM Amateur Novice International Latin 5:05PM Open International Ballroom Scholarships 5:50PM Amateur Global, Senior & Champ International Ballroom 6:35PM End of Session

Session 7-Saturday Evening, Saturday August 23, 2014

7:30PM Opening Ceremony 7:40PM Professional Open American Rhythm 7:55PM Professional Open International Ballroom 8:10PM International Latin Open Championship – A 9:35PM Professional Open American Smooth 9:50PM Professional Open International Latin 10:30PM Top Students, Teachers & Studios Awards 11:30PM SHOWTIME!!

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