Next Event: August 20th to 24th, 2024​

Rules and Regulations

I.  Dance Requirements

  1. Material used in all divisions should be based on all approved NDCA Syllabus and allowable figures.     A) Closed Divisions: Pro/Am & Amateur – American or International – Newcomer, Pre-Bronze, Bronze 1, 2 or 3, Newcomer Silver, Silver l, 2 or 3, Closed Gold 1 or 2,       B) Open Divisions: Pro/Am & Amateur – American or International – Single or Multi-Dance: Open Bronze, Open Silver, Open Gold 1 or 2, Open Gold, Open Advanced, Scholarships, Pre-Championships, Open Amateur Championships, Solo Exhibitions and all Professional Divisions.
  2. No Lifts are permitted at any time in the above mentioned divisions with the exception of Professional Theatre Arts. Please see NDCA Rule Book.
  3. Professional Theatre Arts Competitors and Pro/Am Solo exhibitions must provide  music in MP3 format on a flash drive.  Music on cell phones cannot be accepted.
  4. Due to time constraints, the maximum time allowed for Solo exhibitions is 2½ minutes. Only the first 25 exhibitions will be accepted.
  5. Age categories may be merged when there are less than three (3) entries in any category
  6. Pro/Am and amateur competitors may dance two age and three consecutive closed levels, plus Open division
  7. Scholarship Divisions: are merged ladies and gentlemen and age divisions are A/B/C unless otherwise stated. A competitor must enter in a minimum of 5 single dances (4 in smooth) in the same style of each scholarship entered to be eligible to participate in that scholarship.  (Championship entries do not satisfy the minimum requirement).  Student may dance one age division only.   If minimal entries  are received for a scholarship (three or less), the organizers reserve the right to merge the scholarship into another age division, or the cancel the division and refund the entry fee.
  8. Professional American Basic Smooth/Rhythm divisions may dance Bronze & Silver NDCA syllabus only.

II. Dress Code

The appropriate dress code for all Divisions and Standards as is outlined and stated in the NDCA Rule Book.

III. Top Teacher Awards /Top Studio Awards

Teacher eligible for the Top Teacher Awards must be on a package and dance a minimum of 100 entries to qualify. Qualifying teachers will be awarded points based on the number of entries and placement in all Pro/Am divisions, including Solo and Scholarship Events. Points are based of the World Dancesport Series.

Placement Pro/Am Single-2 Dance Pro/Am 3, 4 or 5 dance
1st 8 pts 20 pts
2nd 7 pts 15 pts
3rd 6 pts 10 pts
4th 5 pts 8 pts
5th 4 pts 6 pts
6th 3 pts 4 pts
7th 2 pts 2 pts
8th 1 pt 2 pts
Recalls 4 pts 5 pts

Top teacher places 1-6 will be presented on Saturday Evening.

IV. Entries & Admission

Entry deadline is:

July 31, 2024

Entries cannot be accepted if not accompanied with payment.   In accordance with new rules established by the NDCA, a late fee will be imposed on all entries received after the Heat Lists have been published.  A late fee of $10 per single dance entry will be applied.

There are no refunds for cancellations. Cancellations will be issued a credit and applied to the following year’s Championship. Hotel Package cancellation credits are subject to a surcharge if canceled less than 7 days prior to the event.

Admission to the ballrom is NOT included in the entry fees.  Admission tickets must be purchased separately for every session being attended. (Exception – Professional Entries – see entry form).

V. Special Attention

All persons attending this event, whether as a spectator, competitor, official or guest of the organizer, Capital Dancesport LLC, shall be bound by the rules of the National  Dance Council of America, Inc. No responsibility for loss or theft of articles left in any changing rooms, ballroom or hotel room can be accepted by the organizer or the NDCA and neither can either party be held liable for any injury sustained by any persons attending the event. All attendees do so at their own risk.

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